1. What types of professional sound and light equipment do you offer? "We offer a wide range of professional sound and lighting equipment, including line array loudspeakers, subwoofers, mixing consoles, and more, suitable for various professional settings."
  2. Do you sell both new and used equipment? "Yes, we offer both new and used professional audio and light equipment, catering to different budget and usage requirements."
  3. Can I sell my equipment through Pro Applestar BV? "Absolutely! We provide services for selling your professional sound and light equipment. Please contact us for more details."
  4. Do you provide rentals? "Yes, we offer rental services for a variety of professional audio and lighting equipment."
  5. How can I get advice or advertise on your website? "For advice or to advertise on our website, please contact us directly through our email or phone number."
  6. Do you offer international shipping? "Yes, we provide services across Europe and Asia. For specific shipping queries, please contact us."
  7. What are your payment and financing options? "We accept various payment methods and offer financing options. Please contact us for more specific information."
  8. What is your return policy? "Our return policy depends on the type of product and purchase condition. Please contact us for detailed return policy information."
  9. How can I get technical support for a product I purchased? "For technical support, please contact our customer service team with your product details."
  10. Are prices on the website inclusive of VAT? "All prices listed are exclusive of VAT. Please contact us for detailed pricing including taxes."
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