Electro Voice CPS2.9

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Designed for the contractor, the CPS 2.9 MK II feature 2-RU chassis, Phoenix-type connectors for inputs and outputs, pre-programmable power-on delay, easy power-on via remote contact closures, rear panel attenuators, and a switchable 50 Hz high-pass filter. Like the CPS multi-channel amplifiers, the CPS 2.9 MK II also includes a module slot for the RCM-810 remote-control module, enabling networking features for system diagnostics and control via IRIS-Net software.

    - Up to 2 x 1250 W into 2 ohms
    - Phoenix-type input and output connections
    - Remote power-on/off contact
    - Rear-mounted attenuators
    - Programmable time for custom power-on delay settings
    - Module slot for optional RCM-810 card, allowing IRIS-Net control and monitoring
    - Switchable 50 Hz high-pass filter
    - Three-stage front-to-rear fans
    - Class-H design
    - Complete protection package

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