Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy 816

€8.750 per piece

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The Meyer Sound Galileo GALAXY 816 makes driving and aligning speaker systems a piece of cake — even when multiple zones are part of the equation. Beyond that, Milan-certified AVB connectivity makes the Galileo GALAXY 816 one of the most powerful loudspeaker processors on the planet. You get a sizable cache of top-shelf algorithms, including Meyer Sound's patented 5-band U-shaping and parametric EQ, a powerful crosspoint delay matrix, and state-of-the-art delay integration. This speaker management system vaunts next-gen, FPGA-based processing with up to 64-bit resolution for maximum dynamic range, an ultra-low noise floor, and an astonishing 0.6ms of latency. The Galileo GALAXY 816 also boasts a word clock input and straightforward Crestron integration, along with an easy-to-use interface that guarantees a seamless user experience.

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