Meyer Sound ULTRA-X80

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The Meyer Sound ULTRA-X80 elevates the ULTRA family to an entirely new level of prestige and power. This powered PA speaker boasts a pair of 12-inch neodymium-magnet cone drivers and a 4-inch high-frequency compression driver that’s coupled with a rotatable 95-degree x 40-degree waveguide. It’s an arrangement that will surely be familiar to any fan of the X20 or X40, only with a significantly higher performance rating of 141dB SPL. Moreover, the ULTRA-X80 features a newly designed Class D amplifier and cutting-edge DSP to reproduce any source with the utmost transparency, clarity, and linearity. You also get both analog and Milan inputs to accommodate a variety of sources, in addition to seamless integration with the rest of Meyer Sound’s ULTRA family. Finish it all off with a nearly bulletproof enclosure, integrated rigging mounts, and weather-protected connectors, and the ULTRA-X80 is a truly road-ready speaker that’s tailor-made for the most power-hungry concert environments.

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